Intense Pulse Light

Skin care specialists believe the Intense Pulse Light treatments are the present and true future of successful long-term skin rejuvenation. The biggest advantage of the IPL over traditional laser procedures is its smooth delivery system. The IPL gives immediate results much more comfortably with little to no down time or side effects.

The IPL emits a broad spectrum of light wavelengths; photons from 500-1300mm through the skin without injuring the surrounding tissue, to effectively treat problems. The light penetration encourages fibroblast activity and increases collagen deposition. When the IPL is set on a different depth of penetration it removes hair and slows growth by stunting the hair follicle.

Depending on the individual the IPL will give full satisfaction in as little as five treatments. The treatments take 15-60 minutes depending on the size of the treated area.

Consultation is required, price on application of treatment.

Not available for Online Booking.


How long does the treatment take?

From 15 minutes to a maximum of 2 hours, depending on the areas treated.

How frequently should I attend?

Approximately monthly for pulsar hair reduction. This interval will lengthen after the first few treatments as the regrowth will slow down.

Do I need to grow the hair before treatment?

No it is not desirable – in fact you will be asked to shave or trim the hair from the surface beforehand, although we will need to see it at the consultation.

Can I use sunbeds, fake tan or have a sun tan during laser treatment?

No it is not possible to treat over a sun tan. If using fake tan, it should be worn off first in the area being treated.

I have a young daughter who would like laser treatment. Will she be suitable?

All patients must be over 16 years of age for Pulsar treatments.

Are there any contra-indications to treatment?

There are some medications which are incompatible which will be checked before any treatment commences. For these medications you will receive upon training along with full consultation forms, before and after care etc

Do I have to have a consultation and a patch test, even if I have had a previous IPL treatment some where else?

Yes. Your salon will need to assess your medical history and current skin condition to check that you are (still) suitable for treatment and we determine the correct settings for your particular treatment from the patch test. We also ask you to sign a consent form that confirms we have explained the IPL treatment process, and allows us to carry out treatments and store your personal data. During your initial consultation, your practitioner will devise an individual course of treatments suited to you, and will discuss your treatment expectations.

How does IPL work on fine lines and wrinkles?

When treating fine lines and wrinkles, the light stimulates the growth of collagen which makes the skin feel plumper and more youthful.

Why do some of the hairs grow back after my first treatment?

Hair goes through a 3-stage cycle, and IPL treatment is only effective when the hair is in the growing phase. Since only about 15% of hairs are in the growing phase at any given time, some new hairs will grow after each treatment. These are then successfully removed during subsequent treatments. This is why a course of approximately 6-12 treatments is normally recommended, after which the number of remaining hairs is very small.

How does IPL work on the hair?

The melanin in the hair (which gives hair its colour) absorbs the light, which is momentarily converted into heat. This heat is transferred to the growth cells at the root of the hair, permanently disabling them. Most colours of unwanted hair can be removed from all parts of the body, except very sensitive areas such as the inside of the nose and ear.

Does IPL hurt?

Not really, although the treatment sensation will vary from client to client. Most of our clients say that it feels like the flicking of an elastic band on their skin. Any discomfort is momentary and there is no lasting sensation.

What are the side effects of IPL treatments?

You need a consultation before we can treat you. You should follow our advice before and after your IPL treatment. IPL does not work on all hair colours and all skin types. You may need 6-12 treatments before you can say goodbye to shaving and waxing, although individual results can vary. Improving your skin using IPL may need around 6 treatments and individual results can vary. Immediately after IPL treatment you may notice a slight reddening of the skin around the hair follicles or slight local swelling which may last for up to a few hours (or in very rare cases, a few days). These are positive indications that the IPL treatment was effective and no cause for concern. Following your IPL treatment, areas of pigmentation will darken and rise to the surface of the skin before being exfoliated naturally within 1-2 weeks. This is a positive indication of a successful IPL treatment and no cause for concern.

Is IPL safe?

IPL is safe, non-invasive, has minimal side effects and requires no recovery time. IPL is gentle and we believe it is the most advanced hair removal and skin treatment system available. We value the comfort and safety of the client very highly and will take the greatest care to ensure that you feel at ease about every aspect of the treatment.

What is Intense Pulsed Light?

IPL systems use hand-held flash lamps to emit micro pulses of light across a broad band of visible wavelengths. By using gentle pulses of light momentarily to create heat, IPL can permanently disable hair follicles, preventing future growth. Similarly, IPL also achieves excellent long term results when treating thread veins, skin pigmentation, acne and other skin complaints. On your first visit, your personal practitioner will carry out a detailed consultation and assessment before recommending a treatment plan to suit your individual requirements. Your practitioner will also demonstrate the equipment and answer any questions.

I have polycystic ovary syndrome, can you Pulsar help me?

Yes of course. A large number of PCOS patients are being assisted by us.

How do I prepare for a treatment/consultation?

Refrain from any form of depilation for 2 weeks before your appointment, we need to assess the extent of the hair to assess the number of treatments. Please do not remove the hair prior to attending a consultation.

Please avoid the use of:

  • Sunbeds
  • Self tan
  • Vitamin A and AHA products
  • Saunas/steam baths
  • Suntanning

Will I be suitable for treatment?

The majority of patients are, however there are some exceptions:

  • Pregnancy
  • Keloid scarring
  • Photo sensitivity inducing drugs
  • Compromised immune system

Can all areas be treated?

Yes, with the exception of the brow bone as this is too close to the eyes.

Is it permanent?

The hair follicles which have been destroyed are not capable of producing further hair. However, dormant hair follicles can be activated due to major hormonal disruption.