Eyelash Extensions

Nouveau  Semi Permanent Lash Extensions

What are Nouveau Lashes and how are the lashes applied?

Nouveau Lashes extensions are designed to give you thicker and longer lashes. Individual, very fine and perfectly shaped to look like the natural eyelash, our synthetic extensions are applied and bonded to your individual lashes using our specially developed adhesive.

One Nouveau Lashes extension is applied at a time directly on to your natural eyelash, in a specific sequence. This process is repeated until you have a full set and takes around 1.5hours to complete. A very relaxing treatment, it isn’t at all painful. Be realistic in what you want to achieve.

Do Nouveau Lashes lash extensions damage your natural eyelashes?

No. Providing your Nouveau Lashes are applied correctly and aftercare instructions are followed. Your natural eyelashes will not be damaged unless they are pulled out deliberately with Nouveau Lashes attached to them. In that case, the natural lash will be replaced by a new one as part of the natural lash growth cycle.
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How do Nouveau Lashes differ from traditional Striplashes?

Nouveau Lashes are individual synthetic lashes, designed to thicken and lengthen your own, natural lashes. They are applied one-by-one to your own lashes by a professional Nouveau Lashes trained technician. They can last up to 6 weeks depending on the life-cycle of your natural eyelash and must be professionally removed.
Striplashes are set on to a ‘strip’ and applied in one go with a non-professional grade adhesive.

Full set from £60

Infills from £20

Patch test required 48 hours prior to booking.

This treatment is not available for Online Booking.